Hair Cut

Hair Cut
There I am, having a great teacher free day, sitting on the couch watching an awesome horror movie and it was just about to get to the conclusion where you find out who the bad guy really is, when mum popped out of nowhere and asked “You want some ice cream Andy?”
“No I’m fine” I say, “I can get it later thanks.”
“I didn't mean ice cream out of a tub, I meant in a cone.” Mum explains.
“OK!” I say, but when I said it I instantly knew that she was up to something. She had never done anything like this. Before I knew it, I was in the car. Soon I heard the familiar tune “Greensleeves” in the distance followed by a vision of Mr Whippy’s ice cream truck. But Mum drove straight past it.
“Where are you going?” I say shocked,
“Hair Dresser, I already told you!” says mum,
“You said we were having ice cream!” I say still shocked
“Oh, I was supposed to say haircut, then ice cream.”
“But I don’t even need a haircut.” I say
“Yes you do, have you seen your hair? It looks like the Amazon!”
“You’re exaggerating soooo much!” I say
“Look Andy, I’m not going to argue with you! You’re having a haircut and that’s final!”
After that, the car trip was really awkward; not one of us said a word. And then finally, after what had seemed like hours, we arrived. I get out of the car and go into the shop “Hair Dressers with Style.” There was not one person there, (except the hair dresser lady who had tattoos over her arms and a piercing in her nose and looked really freaky!)
“No wonder no one’s here” I whisper
“Hi darl” says the freaky looking hair dresser women in a slanged type of voice.
“What would you like today?”
“Just a trim please” I stammered.
She starts spraying my hair with water, I look in the mirror I look as white as chalk; I hope the freaky woman hasn't noticed. After a little while it starts getting awkward, no one has said a word since I came in. I look over at Mum; she’s reading ‘The Daily Prophet.’ It looks like the freaky woman could sense the awkwardness because she starts singing the song that was on the radio! After a while she stops singing (relief) and starts running her fingers through my hair which feels really nice and asks “Is that a good length honey? Or should I cut it a little more…?” She was cut off by me because I had instantly fallen asleep when she ran her fingers through my newly cut hair and I had slid onto the floor. The next thing I knew I was in the car with Mum looking embarrassed.
“At least I get some ice-cream now?” I say in an unsure voice.
“Oh no, we’re going food shopping first!”

By Jason Stuart


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