Ned Kelly

I woke up like any other day were I looked out the window to see my neighbor, Mason, getting ready for the day. He was a nice, cheerful boy. But lately with all the police always doing a 24/7 check though everyones’ houses to see if Ned Kelly was there, Mason hasn’t been himself. But today, something was different about him, like he knows something is going to happen.

The day continued like any other day. Except when Mason asked to ride my horse to practice for the town race. Mason is going to enter my horse, Betsy, into the race. Betsy is my fastest horse and she is very comforting. While Mason was practicing he fell off! He landed face first! I ran over to him. I rolled him onto his back and what a coincidence, he was laughing his lungs out! I also started laughing. After about 5 minutes of laughing we went inside for a cup of tea. We had a nice chat to each other about our day. When we finished it was very late. So Mason decided to go home and just as Mason opens the door, Ned Kelly appeared and took Mason and I to the nearby inn to be held hostage.

When we got to the inn, we weren’t the only ones held captive. There was the schoolteacher and the town’s only policeman, why am I not surprised. A while later the whole town was held captive! The Ned Kelly gang really made sure that no one was bored while he was waiting for what ever his plan was. Me and Mason went in all the events Ned had planned for everyone, they were all really fun, entertaining and tiring. Soon Ned started letting people go, including the schoolteacher, who was very suspicious when he left. Me and Mason participated in some more events. Mason got really tired and fell asleep, most of the other kids did too. Then we heard the train pull up at the station. Ned heard it too and left the room. He and the rest of the Kelly gang went to the verandah. At first there was silence, the Ned fired the first shot. A huge crack woke up the kids and made some people faint of hart attack. The battle went on for ages then 2 kids got shot. The screaming was horrifying. Then I got shot, right through the hart. I only had a few seconds to live. The last thing I saw was Mason, crying, helplessly.