Kaede’s Amazing Adventure

Once there was a little girl named Kaede who was happy and adventurous. Kaede had a robot that she called Robo. Robo was like family to Kaede. One day early in the morning, Kaede questioned Robo excitedly; “Do you want to go to the outback?”
“Sure, I’d love to!!!!!!!!” Robo squealed as she jumped up and down.
Kaede’s brother Dylan came to. He is helpful and kind to everyone. We had to pack lots of food and water. Once we were heading towards the outback bad things started to happen.
There was quick-sand and the land was even lifting up. Suddenly Dylan fell in to the quick-sand. Kaede dug through her bag because she knew she packed a rope. As soon as she found it she threw it to Dylan. When we all got to the outback and it was all safe they got out the food and water. Just then they realized Robo had disappeared. Straight away the two siblings packed up their lunch and went searching. About 10 minutes later Dylan and Kaede found Robo distracted by a billabong nearby. They tried shouting her name, “Robo, Robo!!” But it didn’t work; the only way to get her attention was to whack her with a rope. After all of that, they started heading home.
In the middle of the trip Kaede, Dylan and Robo all at once, fell in a magic portal that led to a castle. They found out that they were in the princess’s room. All of them were very petrified. Suddenly the princess walked in! She knew exactly what they were doing there. “Were you magically transported here?”Asked the princess. “Yyyes,” Stuttered Kaede. “I I think so.” The princess explained that she knew that an Evil Devil made the portal and she helped them back home. After that they never went back to the outback again.
The End.


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