Baba's Day In Life

"Time for work"frowned Baba. He got out of bedand put on his woven kilt and wig.(Baba is afarmer in ancient Egypt)Baba made himselfbreakfast of bread and fruit."Now,"SLURP"lets go," NARF"to work,"BURP!mumbled Baba,through amouthful of food.

"What a day,"thought Baba as he walked out intothe scorching dessert sun.When Baba arrived tothe fields near the bank of the great riverNile,he thought "Wow!The wheat has alreadygrown.I better cut it up and take it to thebaker."Baba took out his sickle (a tool used byEgyptians to cut down wheat).After an hour of hard work Baba tied the wheat up into little bunches and loaded them into acart pulled by oxen.When Baba arrived to Bata the baker Bata said,"My fellow Baba what have you bought metoday?" "I have bought you a whole cart full ofwhea...""Nope! no more wheat,we have heapsalready."Bata overtook Baba,"But,but,"stammeredBaba,"yes I know,"said Bata "The pharaoh iscoming to visit you tomorrow."Baba hung his head sadly,suddenly he brightenedand rose,"I have an idea!"exclaimed Baba "Let's sail down the Nile and trade wheat for fish!
"See there's always a solution."Exclaimed Bata.When they arrived to the port a magnificenttrading ship was waiting for them."Let's setsail insisted Baba, when they arrived to Ciro aglimpse of the beautiful city amazedthem,suddenly short man approached them andsaid "If you want to trade wheat with us we canoffer you fish for it."The deal was made.WhenBaba and Bata arrived home they had a deliciousdinner of meat and fish.The next day when the pharaoh came to see Babahe asked"Where did you get all of thismeat?""That's my little secret," answered Baba.