Knock, knock, knock "Special delivery for Dylan." I answered the door; nothing was there except brown, old, shaggy coffin! On the top said my name, Dylan MEADOWS with a particularly weird paragraph it said, a quiet young boy who was shy and very, very creepy! It was like someone had planned my death or something. I shut the door my old cottage and left the coffin in the middle of the road. Later on the night I hopped into the bath and all of a sudden everything went red!!
As I awake everything is dark! All I can hear is crickets and the trees dancing in the wind. I’m lying down outside. I can’t see a thing I move around frantically but it feels like I’m in a box or something. I destroy everything around me with fierce power. I get up and discover I was in the coffin. All of a sudden the police arrive, so I sprint away. I’m going really fast. I run into an abandon tree house and camped there for a night. Someone wanted me to die, I thought.
I awake sleepless the next day and two people are glaring at me with eyes like owls, I howl at the top of my lungs "Who are you?" I yell. They reply "I’m Regan and I’m Jordan. You’re a vampire and so are we so we better get going because the police have sent vampire hunters out to get us." We decided to head of through the forest, we arrive at a mansion and there more vampires they were family of Regan and Jordan’s. Later on that night there was a bang, it was the police.
They barged in and I ran like flash or Usain Bolt. I had power. I ran back into the action to fight the police. I can’t believe it I just bit someone with my own mouth, but the weirdest thing was it tasted good. The police ran off like baby, but there was one left, the one I bit was still there so we gave him to the police.
Everything went silent for three seconds and then Jordan and Regan’s parents said welcome to the family… A couple months later it was like a normal life, except now I can jump off a massive tree and be ok, run at the speed of light and I drink blood! The police haven’t bothered us since the accident.
I’m fitting into the family just fine. No freakier old cottage and apparently I’m actually related to the family! But I’ll never know how I ended up in the forest. But it doesn’t matter now I’m a… VAMPIRE!!!


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