Need To Know

All the tension that had been building over the past few months finally broke as my lips met his. It was almost instantaneous, my arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer. His hands twisted in my hair. I never wanted the kiss to end, I felt no longer like myself,we were one; he was me, and I was him. Then all of a sudden I was me, the whole me- my life flashed before my eyes. All the memories I thought had gone forever flooded into my mind and I remembered everything. I remembered my childhood, the bullying and the pain I constantly felt; I remembered how my friends, Samara and Mandy, treated me like I was invisible most days, but I couldn't back away from them because sometimes they treated me like I belonged. And then I suddenly another friend I'd had. I pulled back from Elijah and stared at him. He said he hadn't met me before, but that was a lie. As I looked at him I remembered the boy that I'd grown up with, a best friend. Even a boyfriend once, but I also remembered the pain and despair of when he left me and never called. I was alone until I met Marco. Oh, my god, Marco! He must be worried sick, if he even survived the attacks! I remember stopping the gases from being released but I know they would have sent out the troops to kill as many people as possible.

I fell to my knees, gasping for breath. Elijah bent down so that we were at eye level. He was looking at me with eyes so full of concern. My mind was racing with all of the stirring memories, and my heart was breaking remembering Marco.
"Molly?" Elijah looked worried, really worried.
I couldn't voice my thoughts in front of him. I didn't think I could trust Elijah; he'd been lying to me for the entire time I'd been there!
"Hey..I'm not feeling very well. Do you mind giving me a moment? I just need to think," I said lamely, trying to ease his worry.

It seemed that he'd bought it. He stood up, giving me one last odd look before turning and walking out the door. Once he was gone I put my head in my hands, and began to sob my heart out as more and more of the memories began to flood back. The memories that hurt the most were those with Marco. I remembered the first time we'd met, our first date. I remembered the efforts he invested into helping mend my broken heart, and I remembered falling in love with him. I stayed like that or a good hour or so until I couldn't cry anymore. When my tears finally stopped falling, I knew that one thing was for sure. Before anything else, I needed to know if Marco was alive. I didn't care what happened to me-I just need to know.