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Chelsea's Poem (Poetry)

by Chelsea Roesler, Grade 6, QLD

I like giraffes and I am 11 years old.
Green is my colour but not the shade of mould.

I was born in Brisbane but have lived mostly away. Seattle was home until 2012 May.

My accent is slight a twang if you dare.
My friends always say “say here, say there”.

I try hard at school to be the best I can be. Take a look at my report card and you will see.

I play piano, netball and tennis too.Art is my thing I can draw on cue.

When I am older what I want to be. Is a pediatric doctor to help kids like me.

In my family there is me plus 4 more. I love them all deeply, to the core.

This is my poem all about me.
I hope you enjoyed it, my name is Chelsea from 6/7G.

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