As I dance along with nature swaying back and forth,
The ballads notes just seem to float by in the wind.
I dance in the heart of the prairie as the sun starts to rise.
The grass is softly rustling as my feet softly pad,
The flowers hum and giggle as I would smile to their delicate faces.
My soft hair was thrashing about upon my face as I jumped and twirled against the sun's rays.
An old yew tree stands then upon me
Her hair a luscious green and her eyes staring upon me as I still danced.
She smiled and danced with me in blissful harmony.
A playful beat to such a gentle melody.
I held her rough hands, carefully brushing along her bark.
I smiled with glee and we both twirled around and around.
Such beauty in such an ancient Tree.
Her hair was rustling in the wind,
Her face was ever so soft as I brushed my palm against it...
Pale eyes gazing into my soul...
I was hypnotized by the beauty of Nature.

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