Neat Freak

When my cousin Betsie came to stay, I was in for a big surprise! Betsie is my age , twelve years old, but we are completely different. I have never met her before, but I have heard the evidence.She's one of those only children who live in mansions and have rich parents and receive whatever they want, and I'm one of those kids who have four siblings and never get what they want.
On Tuesday night our family drove to the airport to pick up Betsie. We entered the airport, hands all linked together in single file like a chain. The constant eb and flow of people made it difficult not to collide with anyone.
"There they are", screeched mum above the noise. Her long white finger was pointing at a mother, a father and a disgusted looking girl. Betsie's parents left to wait for another plane, and Betsie followed us through the maze of people.
"Betsie, you'll be sleeping in Morgan's room" said mum when we returned home. I beckoned Betsie over and we made our way to my room. " Is this where sleep?" asked Betsie, horrified. " Yep, You like it?" "No I do not." As she said this I noticed that she had a tinge of an English accent.
" I cannot sleep in these conditions! There are socks and underwear strewn across the floor. My room back at home is spotless and looks nothing like this! Just look at this pla.....what ...what are those?" My eyes travelled across Betsie's trembling finger.
" Oh, that's just Max's paw prints. He must have stepped in the mud again!"
"A dog?!....a dog! I hate dogs...". All of a sudden my bouncing Scottish Terrior, Max bounded into the room. Betsie let out a scream.
"Dinner!" called mum.
"Come on Betsie " I said.
We all sat up for dinner. Clara, Humphrey, Maggie and Josh were all absorbed in a quarrel. "What is this?" wondered Betsie out loud.
" It's a taco" I replied
" They look awfully messy".
We ate in silence . Every now and then I cast my eyes over Betsie's plate. She hadn't spilt a single crumb!
The next day Max came out of nowhere and bounced on Betsie. She screamed and yelled "He's ruining my dress!".
Whenever I went to watch television with Clara, Humphrey, Maggie, and Josh, Betsie just sat quietly reading an adult novel. When our family went on a trip to the beach , Betsie just sat on a towel engrossing herself in her novel. At breakfast, Clara, Humphrey, Maggie, Josh and I grab a poorly spread peanut butter sandwhich, while Betsie treats herself to scrambled eggs and spinach with a side of mushrooms and caramalised onions. So you can imagine that I was surprised when this happened.........I woke up one night to the sound of sobs.
"Betsie, are you okay?" I asked.
" No....It's just too much being posh. I want to be just like you, Clara, Humphrey, Maggie and Josh..."
"Well, maybe I could teach you how to be like me". At this, Betsie stopped crying. " Alright then" she said.
"Great...we begin tomorrow..." .

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