Handle And Kettle

Handle and Kettle

One day Handle and Kettle skipped into the forest leaving a trail of dead bodies as they went. Soon after they left they came to a tall castle.

“Very mysterious,” said Kettle.

‘’Let’s take a look inside,’’ whispered Handle.

‘’Last one there is a rotten egg!’’ yelled Kettle.

So they ran to the castle door. Handle was the first one to get there. He stepped inside, closely followed by Kettle. They walked to the closest room. They walked around it and Kettle found a chest. She yelled to Handle, ‘’Come over here, I found something!!’’

‘’Coming!’’ he yelled back.

“There is a finger sticking out of the box. It’s old and crabby!”

“I dare you to touch it,” taunted Handle.

“No way!” shrieked Kettle. “I dare you to smell it!”

“OK.” Handle stepped closer to the chest and smelled the finger. “It smells like paint, faeces, strawberry jam and ....”

“Closer!” taunted Kettle.

Handle got down low until his nose was almost touching the mouldy fingernail. Suddenly, the finger hooked onto Handle’s nostril, almost piercing it.

“Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhh!” screamed Handle.

“What’s wrong? Has the finger got your wittle nose?” teased Kettle in a sing-songy voice.

Handle wrenched his nose free and soothed his nostril with his tongue. He whimpered to Kettle, “I dare you to open the box.”

“OK, I’m not scared of no crabby old nose-pickin’ finger!”

So Kettle slowly opened the lid and a surprisingly sweet smell drifted out. Kettle opened the lid faster and a ray of light blinded them. Angels started to sing.

“God? Is that you?” asked Handle, his eyes glistening in wonder.

The light faded and there, at the bottom of the chest, was a baby wiggling its legs and waving its enormous, crabby old finger at them.

“Aaarrgghh!” screamed Handle.

“Oh baby,” cooed Kettle.

“Ha, ha, ha,” cackled the baby in an evil, witchy voice.

“Run!” screamed Kettle.

Handle and Kettle raced out the door and back down the trail, tripping over the dead bodies as they went. When they got home, Kettle wailed, “Mummy! Mummy! We saw a scary baby!”

The End


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