Tails Doll Curse

The tails doll curse is triggered by the game called sonic racing if you complete the game 100% later in the night you will see the TV on. And see the sonic racing game in the console then you will get Knocked out for 2 hours. Then you will see him come out of TV. then you will hear can you feel the sunshine?! with no rehem then run from it until the lights come back on. There is anther way to summon the Tails doll. 1 go in a dark bathroom take a laptop with you go on YouTube and play can you feel the sunshine in reverse the living in the city in reverse. And then wait five minutes the you will see a red light in the mirror witch will be the gem on it head grab a baseball bat and go with all your might and swing the Tails doll. Do not touch the tails doll it will freak out and scream!!?? Very load then smack it with a hammer and he is dead . the end by David brown