Wally The Mad Scientist

Whiz, bang, kaboom! Wally was inventing another invention but it failed again. Wally's inventions always went wrong. He was well known for his inventions that never worked. He invented many inventions but none of them worked. One time, he built a teleporter to teleport him to Hawaii. Instead he ended up in a cage locked up in a zoo, in Africa! Wally's other inventions included a chocolate maker which exploded after the test trial and a robot that did his chores but put his underwear in the pantry. Wally would never stop trying all sorts of inventions even though they failed.
Wally's most famous invention was his “House Builder”. When he first started designing the “House Builder” nobody knew about it because he kept it a secret. Everybody knew he was busy on a new invention but they all really wanted to know what he was creating. It was all a big secret until one of his neighbours spied on him when he was busy putting it together. The public were so amazed that he was willing to build an invention that would build him a new house. They thought he was crazy now!
The “House Builder” would be able to demolish Wally’s previous house and build a new one. His invention was so famous that the media even went to the construction site to film the construction of his house. There were reports on his latest inventions on T.V. The invention was so popular that there was a Hollywood crew who wanted to film a movie including his newest invention. Day after day, there was great progress on Wally's house. Everyone thought his house would be amazing. The local newspaper wrote an article stating that Wally’s invention was fantastic. After three months the robot finished building the house. Once Wally had been notified he packed his suitcase and headed home.
All of Wally's neighbours wanted a tour around his new house but Wally insisted on being the first. When Wally arrived at his house his neighbors all cheered him – after all he was now a world renowned inventor.
Wally stood in front of his house puffed with pride. After all these years he couldn’t believe that he had finally created an invention which worked. He always knew he had it in him. With his head high he strode up his front path admiring the landscaping on either side. He reached the front door and slowly put his hand out to turn the handle. He turned and gave a triumphant wave to the crowd of neighbours – his admirers. Carefully he opened his front door and walked straight into the bath tub surprisingly full of bubbles and water. Poor Wally! Once he pulled himself out of the bath tub and dried himself off he went to check the other rooms.
Dazed, he walked around looking for his kitchen but instead of his kitchen he found his bedroom. He went upstairs to see if the kitchen was up there. It turned out that the kitchen was upstairs instead of downstairs. All the rooms were in the wrong spot. Wally felt embarrassed to find out that the all his neighbours thought it was funny and went to his house to take pictures.
Have you heard of Dumbo the Clown? Well Wally has become a clown. It’s a good job for him. It suits his personality as a fun and wacky person. Wally's inventing career has ended but his career as an entertainer has just begun!