Larzie And The Big Gum Tree

Once upon a time there lived a Koala called Larzie. He lived in a forest in a gumtree. One day a man came with an axe and chopped down Larzie’s gumtree. Larzie was upset he had to move to another place so he packed his bags but just when he was about to go his friend Ernette the Emu came and put Larzie on her back and took him to her house. Ernette said, “You can stay here for as long as you want.” Larzie replied saying, “Thank-you, but I must not stay long because I have to find a new house.” So he took off after some tea with Ernette. He went to find a new place to live.
On the way he met his friend called ‘Bouncy the Kangaroo’. Bouncy the kangaroo said “G’day Larzie where are you off to?” I’m going to try and find a new house!” Larzie replied. “Oh okay are you going on an adventure? I love adventures. Can I come too?” Larzie said “Okay, as long as you follow me!” BUT BOUNCY DIDN’T LISTEN. Bouncy bounced away from Larzie. Larzie said “Do you want something to eat?” but there was no reply. Larzie turned around and saw Bouncy was talking with his old friend, Katie the Kookaburra. Bouncy was saying “Do you want to come on the adventure too?” Katie said “No thanks I’m in a big rush to get to Wally the Wombat’s party in the gum-bush! But thank you for asking.”
So Bouncy bounced back to Larzie and they took off again. But when Bouncy was bouncing back, Larzie found a perfect place to live. Another big gum tree, with lots of plump gum leaves and lots of new koala friends. Larzie felt happy again because he had a new place to live.

By Macey Notting
Year 1
Mountain Creek State School, Queensland

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