Mans Best Friend

This poem is a story about a mysterious dog called Rory.
Rory used to always pray, “one day I hope I’ll no longer be a stray.”
He knew that one day he would be found and be put in the pound.
Rory was very brave and strong, as you will see as I continue on.
Rory showed his pride, as he died.
I am about to tell you how his life begun and how he got shot by a very powerful gun.
I know this might be quite upsetting to see Rory fade, but it was a big sacrifice that Rory had made.
Now one day Rory was running when he saw something out of the corner of his eye and he started to cry.
He wasn’t crying because he was upset - only because of someone he had met.
Someone was coming up and hugging him tight. It seemed only then the sun shone bright.
Rory was sitting in a vehicle that we call a “car”, when everything just went bizarre!
There were two children one about 8 or 9 and one of them was saying that he looked fine.
The other said “I don’t want to be mean or immature but don’t strays smell like they’ve just been rolling in a pile of manure?”
As he got to his new home he decided to walk around and have a roam.
First he found a baggy old shirt then he found a bone covered in dirt.
He picked up the bone but it was as hard as stone.
He had never chewed on a bone before, and this he started to adore.
Pretty soon it started to get dark and from a distance he heard a howl and a bark.
At about 12:00 at night he heard a creak and decided to go have a peek.
It made him feel quite weak after he remembered that a man from jail had escaped…Which made him wail.
In the next room there was a man who was Rory’s doom.
He ran at the man- then the gun went smack and he couldn’t go any further because it all went black.
After the family found out that Rory had died,
They just sat there and cried and cried.
Well the man got put in jail, and the plans he was going to use were a fail.
For the good deed, Rory will still succeed.
So a dog is called man’s best friend, only because Rory fought to the end.