Get Up

I bumped my head as the Cockatoo said,
"Get up!Get up! You lazy head,"
With his feathers all ruffled and crest held high.
I continued my dreaming with a deep,deep sigh.
In rushed Mother to check all the fuss
And found me ...ready to swear and cuss,
"Get out of bed lazy head!"
"Or you will miss the bus,"
Sleepily I staggered to my weary feet...
Tripped on our unsuspecting cat,
To my anguish...squashing it flat.
And landing, clumsily flat on my back!.
As I turned,the cat rolled and the Cockatoo squawked,
"Get up!,Get up!,Stop playing dead".
And I screeched "Shut up! You feathery head...
YOU caused all this, when you hunted me out of my bed!"

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