Fairytales Are Stupid

“Yay, you’ve heard!” Lucy exclaimed. “I saw a unicorn coming out of a rainbow door!” I laughed. “Fine, if you don’t believe me, go to the woods tonight.” Jess and I raced through the playground to get to class on the other side of the school. Luckily out teacher came late that day. When I was in class I felt like I was being watched. I was also getting notes that weren’t from anyone in our class and the notes said: ‘We are alive Sarah. Lucy is right, believe her’.
At recess Sarah told jess everything. Jess said that the same thing had been happening to her. It got worse throughout the day. Finally the bell rang so that night I invited Jess for a sleep-over. We both went to the woods and saw the unicorn rainbow door and found out that Lucy was right. We also found out that fairies wrote the notes.
So from that day on the three of them were best friends who ‘liked’ magical creatures, NOT loved!


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