Ballad Of Dubai

Excellence Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

The sun warmed up my face,
As I travelled to this exotic place,
This destination called Dubai.

While on safari the sand whipped my face,
The dune buggy was going at a really rough pace,
But I loved it I just put my head back to sigh.

The food was bizarre as it was full of spices,
At fancy restaurants there were very high prices,
Because all the rich people just love to go eat.

The strangest thing I did was ride a camel,
It is such a weird looking mammal,
Who cares, it was still so much fun.

The last night in the hotel was so hard because I had to pack,
I was unhappy because I didn’t know when to Dubai I’d be back,
But I knew I would never forget the time I had.