Finalist in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Their claws outstretched before them and their wings tucked in close.
The birds descend into the black mass, their beaks closing upon unsuspecting prey.
The swarm shatters into a thousand pieces; there is no longer a black mass beneath me.
The birds are occupied with the bait fish, but I am hunting for much larger fish.
I am mesmerised by this silent world, where the action is concealed beneath the ocean.
I am almost pulled from my canoe when a beast tugs violently at my line.
I am determined to land this fish for I know it will serve as a good meal,
I fight. I win. I bring the tuna aboard.
There is no time to rejoice over my catch for a shadow has cast its eerie presence upon me.
There is a reckless machine barging through the water; my peaceful world has been invaded.
There are enormous nets following close behind- the vessel consumes the entire school.
There is no longer a black mass beneath me.
I endured an hour fight to land that hefty beast- that respected animal.
I tolerated hours of blistering heat and waited patiently for that bite.
I was satisfied with my catch and took no more than what I needed,
I was pushed aside by this foreign vessel that takes everything too easily, too quickly.


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