Turbo's Little Adventure

Finalist in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

A young mother ran through the Tasmanian bush, her four young babies hanging on her back. As she ran under a fallen log she didn¹t notice she was missing one baby.
Now, the one who had fallen off, didn¹t know what sort of animal he was or where he lived. The only thing he knew was that his name was Turbo.
He kept on walking along the bush track trying to find any trace of his mother. He wandered close to town, thinking maybe this was his home. He was approached by a large dingo who asked who he was and why he was here. Turbo thought maybe he was a tiger. He had a loud growl, but he didn’t have any stripes on his back and he remembered his mother saying that all tigers were extinct in the Tasmanian bush. Could he be a koala bear? He didn’t like to eat gum leaves and wasn’t very good at climbing large trees! Then again, maybe he is a cat, because he has whiskers and sharp teeth, and claws. But he has no meow and doesn¹t purr!
He didn¹t know what he was and he was still hopelessly lost.
Suddenly he hears shouting and is frightened when the rangers chase him away from the town.
Turbo wanders along a bush track until he comes to a clearing. He is so tired and lonely that he just sits in the shade and begins to cry.
After a short while a little echidna called Spike and a little wallaby called Rocky find Turbo crying in the bush. "What is the matter?" They ask. “I don¹t know who or what I am and I’m lost” said Turbo.
"We know what you are," they cry "you are a Tasmanian Devil. We saw a family of devils a little way in the bush near a hollow log. Come with us and we will take you there. Maybe they know where your family is." They arrive at a clearing and see a family of devils enjoying dinner.
The large devil looks up and shouts, “My baby, Turbo, you¹ve come home at last! We all missed you, come and have some dinner and invite your friends.” “We would rather not,” said Spike and Rocky, backing away from the hungry Devil family, as they didn¹t want to be the next course. “Maybe we will see you again. Goodbye our little Tassie Devil.” Turbo was so tired he just curled up under a log and fell asleep to dream about his little adventure.
The End



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