3rd in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Dust, a choking veil of pain,
Mocking a land parched of rain.
Dust, a tarnished crown of thorns,
Throttling the land as a farmer mourns.

Dust, a herald of drought and despair,
Thriving under the sun’s cruel glare.
Dust, settling on destitute bones,
Muffling a scorched land’s moans.

Dust, engulfing an obsolete home,
Inundating fields where ghosts now roam.
Dust, congesting the once pure air,
Sole remnant on a land left bare.

Dust, gathers in the arms of a squall,
Lifted high like a feather-light doll.
Dust, vanishes against dark fuming cloud,
To the wrath of the weather this malice must bow.


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