Baby Bear

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, her son dies before her.
She read a book that her son got, about a boy named Scott.
The next day she was fired after she was hired.
She was really upset, so she went to see her pet named Jet.
After that she went to the bench, to find such a horrible stench.
She hid her nose with a pink scarf, before she almost had to barf.
She went to the swing, to do her thing.
Then suddenly she cracked the code, about Scott’s toad’s code.
“I’m sorry to say, but on this day, I died.
I was swimming in the lake, and got bitten by a snake.
You go down there, and now you will see I am a bear.”
She ran fast as she can for she ran faster than a Ginger Bread Man.
“I was your son, but now I am a new bundle of fun.
I am a bear mum!”
In a book she had written him a code, “I love you my little toad!”