Halloween Nightmare

They have Ryan and I cornered. There is no escape from them. Zoe and Corey are gone. What are we going do?
Okay so you are probable wondering what the hell is going on. Well it all started this morning, Halloween, when Ryan, Corey, Zoe and I, Kerrie, were in class and Mr Moffatt told everyone to close the blinds, shut the door and sit around him. He then told us the legend of Clarksville. The story goes that on the stroke of midnight Hell will be full and then the dead will rise. As soon as he finished the bell rang for the end of school. Everyone screamed. As they all filed out they were talking about two things, the Clarksville legend and the Halloween Ball.
At 8pm Zoe and Corey came to Ryan and my house to get ready. The four of us were going as vampires. The ball was on at 11pm. When we got to the town hall there was hardly anyone there. After nearly an hour everyone turned up. Then the huge clock in the town hall struck midnight. Ryan looked over at me and said, “well at least Hell isn’t full, and the dead rise, ha?” All of a sudden the solid oak front doors of the hall flung open and Mr Johnston yelled, “the dead are coming, the dead are coming!!” Everyone that was in the hall started screaming and running around like chooks with their heads cut off.
Then everyone deserted us. They just ran out and left.
So there we are, the four of us, in a huge hall, hysterical with fear. Then out of nowhere ear piercing screams came from every direction. I then told Ryan to come with me and we went to the side door and looked out. We could see zombie-like creatures going after everyone. After that we told Corey and Zoe to shut all the doors and windows. Then all of a sudden the doors started to shudder, it was the zombies. Then the doors flung open and the zombies were coming towards us. I noticed that there was a ladder leading up to the rafters. I told them to follow me. We all ran as fast as we could toward the ladder. As we got half way up Zoe fell off and Corey tried to catch her but he fell as well.
Okay this is where you came in. So Ryan and I are surrounded. We both looked at each other and said that we loved each other and jumped into the zombie pit of doom. Then the hall broke out with laughter. As Ryan and I opened our eyes and looked around we saw all the towns people yell out, “TRICK OR TREAT”. We could not believe it.
The next day at school everyone was laughing at us. They will never let us live it down. The next week we wore hats covering our faces.


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