The Park

Finalist in the 'Summertime Fun 2013/2014' competition

She smiled as the sun warmed her skin. The light danced over her smile, glittering spectacularly, almost as beautifully as her eyes, a swimming sapphire. Her elbow-length ebony hair frolicked in the playful breeze as she watched the river dance, twirling and flowing to the graceful ballet of the bird’s song. In the distance, children ran and laughed with gay abandon. Dogs barked joyously as they leapt around, chasing tennis balls, Frisbees, and each other. A carefree breeze snuck up behind her, swirling around her, twisting and rippling her dress, leaving the red flower upon her shirt untouched. She laughed and turned her attention to two butterflies waltzing upon the river, as if it were their last day on earth…
“Time’s up, Maria,” the tall figure behind her crowed in a deep, rasping voice. Maria’s smile dampened, hand moving to the red flower, wincing as her fingers brushed the bullet in the centre. A set of bony fingers grasped her shoulder gently.
“So what say you?” The tall, hooded being breathed, a cold shiver rushing up her spine as he spoke. “Will you allow yourself one last dance?” Maria stood silent for a moment, but nodded, tears welling up in her eyes. She turned and embraced the tall figure, entwining her fingers with that of the skeleton’s. The two spun where they stood, Maria’s dress mingling with the tattered black cloth of the tall figure’s hooded cloak. A pair of midnight raven’s wings unfolded from behind the macabre being, lifting their feet from the ground. The two figures leant in close to each other, motionless in each other’s embrace as the darkness enveloped them. And silence fell upon the grassy hill once again.


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