Larry (Harry And Louis)

Once when I was 16, I met a boy named Lou
My eyes were green but his were a piercing blue
When I saw his face, I knew our love was true
How could we know that love would make us blue?

Then we made us famous, they kept us apart
They called me a womaniser, said the young girl who had your heart
Even through the pain we stayed strong
I thought nothing could ever go this wrong

On a chilly autumn day, I came home from work
I became a little nervous not seeing your little cheeky smirk
I had ran through our house, many thoughts running through my head
I found you in our room, hanging there just dead

Although my heart was broken, they still forced me to hide
I wasn't the same person because a part of me had died
They still wouldn't let me tell the truth, they made me marry a pretty lady
A few years later we had a pretty baby

When our child turned five, on chilly autumn day
He walked into my room and asked "Why do you cry that way?"
I answered him, sobbing, felling very blue
"Once when I was 16, I met a boy named Lou"

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