Most people think that babies are cute and innocent, but did you know that babies aren’t as innocent as they seem.
Haven’t you ever thought about things like dummies? Things that make babies automatically stop crying as soon as they’re put into their tiny mouths. Dummies must be some type of radio so that they can connect to their evil masters.
Or what about food? Babies can only drink milk. People are always saying that breast-milk gives babies strength, but what if it gives them super strength? So they can tear down buildings and destroy anything and everything in their path.
What about sleep? They’re just tired I hear you say? Well you’re right. They are tired. They are tired from plotting and planning every minute of every day on how to take revenge.
Most people think that babies can’t talk because they haven’t learnt to yet, but what if it was so they can’t foil their master’s evil plans. If babies could talk then they could spread the word and soon the entire world would be in chaos.
So you see ladies and gentlemen, maybe babies aren’t as innocent as they seem. Pack your bags, leave the kids, every man for himself and run before it’s too late!