Maths, Somewhat Questionable

Maths- an abbreviation of, Mental Abuse to Humans

Why do we have to find the x of a triangle when there is a ‘cute’ angle right in his corner?
That triangle will never forget that girl.
I am a student not a therapist, why do the teachers always ask me to solve Math’s problems.
I don’t get it, when doing a maths question, if it’s easy, I most definitely did it wrong.
How do you get the volume of the sun with how many odd socks you have?
Who buys thirty litres of milk and sixty watermelons when grocery shopping?
And when a boy comes home with 200 lollies to share, why doesn’t anyone question him about it?
Maths was once easier, until someone mixed the alphabet in with it, why?
Did you know that 3 out of 2 people don’t understand fractions properly?
I long for the day I actually need to calculate the average speed of a snail for six hours.
We all know that 6 is afraid of 7 because 7, 8, 9
The teacher said yesterday that x equalled 7 but today it equals 4, what happened?
My brain is sore so stop trying to be solved, you are impossible!
Although a pay increase would surely change my mind about the teachers and their patients…
Until that day I will never understand the problem that is math