The Perished Land

Finalist in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

No rain on the forecast, not a cloud in the sky.
Food becomes scarce, and the cattle soon die.
Trees wither down, and leaves fall away.
Nature’s usual state has wandered astray.
The sun lays a vale that sits on the land,
While the heat sweats the property, cracked and bland.
The farmer and his wife, have long suffered this drought,
But a distant, grey cloud in the sky makes hope sprout.
Thunder screams out from the grey sky above.
Hope soon returns, as overhead, fly’s a dove.
The farmer and his wife dance in the rain,
While the pure, clean water, washes away all the pain.
Emerald green returns, to the once perished land,
No longer be the property, cracked or bland.
Cattle happily graze, and soak in the sun.
The farmer and his wife, Know Autumn has begun.

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