The Celtic Girls

Finalist in the 'Summertime Fun 2013/2014' competition

Once upon a time there were three girls, Sinead, Mairead and Orla. The girls were very proud of being Irish and loved to play and sing Celtic music. They travelled all over the world with their music and songs.
Sinead was the wild one. She didn't like to listen to any advice or do what she was told. With her long red curls she would go and explore the new towns and cities late at night. Mairead and Orla were worried. They were sensible girls who knew that being out late at night alone was not a good idea.
"Sinead, you need to stay with us, get your rest and be ready for the next concert. We have rehearsals to do in the morning!"
But Sinead had other ideas. She was curious and brave. The night didn't scare her. Excited in the new city of Barcelona she danced along the cobbles of the backstreets until she reached the port. Sailors were chatting and laughing as they came off their ships.
Back at the concert hall the girls were busy working on their music and dance. They were always working hard to make their concert better. They were annoyed with Sinead for not being part of the team. But they were also worried.
Sinead was dancing and singing at the port. The sailors loved the Celtic songs and dance. But she felt lonely. It wasn't the same without the girls. She thanked the sailors for being a great audience and said "I must get back to the girls."
All the streets looked the same. Sinead had danced along so happily when her adventure started but now it was dark and people were in their beds, even the sailors had disappeared. Sinead was scared. She began to cry.
Sitting on the ground alone she heard her friends' beautiful voices singing "La la la la, la la la la." Sinead jumped up and sang "Da da da da, da da da da." Louder and closer she heard "La la la la, la, la, la, la." Louder she sang "Da da da da, da da da da." The girls ran to each other and hugged.
Sinead, Orla and Mairead decided that from now on they would rehearse together and explore together. They would never be without their "Celtic sisters" again.


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