Katie's First Day At High School

Tomorrow is Katie’s first day of high school. She is very nervous because she has just moved from a country town near Alice Springs to the biggest city in Australia called Sydney.
She has her school uniform hung up in her bedroom dresser and her school shoes next to her bed. She drifts off to sleep after 11:00pm.
She dreams of her and her friends in her old town. Janice, Lucy, Billia and Elizabeth at the park with our bikes, she hears something, an alarm…
Katie wakes up and it’s her alarm clock. It’s 6:00am. She gets up but is very scared about high school.
The next moment she’s sitting at the table eating her margarine and strawberry jam toast and has forgotten about the past. She finishes and gets ready for school.
Her dad had just arrived at the front door waiting to drive Katie to school. Katie’s parents have separated and her dad had always lived in Sydney. Then her mum got a new job in Sydney so they now live half an hour apart.
Katie grabs her backpack and walks outside to the car. Mum is still in bed and her brother stayed back at Alice Springs with his Aunty because he didn’t want to leave. But Katie had to leave because Aunty Louise didn’t have any room in her house.
In the car she doesn’t speak a word and they cross the Harbour Bridge.
Finally they make it to her new school. Her dad says goodbye and he drives off.
All the kids know each other except for her. All the new-comers year 7’s are in their little groups altogether. Katie looks around trying to find somebody on their own.
Everyone had a place in a group except for her.
After a whole term had gone by she was bullied and teased and picked on by everyone. Nobody liked her because they were all city kids and she was country style.
One day when Katie was walking home from the bus stop, nobody was around for some reason and all the doors were shut and the windows were open a little bit. Katie just kept walking. No cars were on the street and she could only hear sirens. “sirens?” Katie thought. Then she heard somebody running up behind her. She heard a man yell out “Kid run!”
She turned around seeing a man wearing a dark grey hoodie with a knife and a bag of money running to her. She looked through her bag quickly and threw her lunch box at the criminal. He fell straight to the ground and the police ran up to her and the knocked out man laying down in front of Katie.
“Are you okay ma’am?” The large police officer asked.
“Yes I didn’t know what was going on.” She answers.
She was awarded $10,000 dollars for capturing the thief and everyone wanted to be her friend and everyone trusted her. THE END!


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