Gates Of Heaven Or Gates Of Hell?

Your getting upset now, a girl called you a slut,
Do you feel like your organs have been ripped from your gut,
Your crying now, wishing you could stop,
You feel bad for yourself so you try to stop the rot,
Your thinking what about me? My life's worse than hers,
But under her layers she's hiding her scares?
You can't see her pain, it's hidden so deep,
Without any strain! Without a peak!
She is used of plastering over her issues,
But she still wants help, so she gives out clues,
But no one can solve the riddle she's left,
They run out of time and she feels so unblessed,
She steps on the tracks wiping tears from her face,
Wearing tight denim jeans and a t-shirt of lace,
She can hear the horn and the wheels chugging loud,
But she doesn't move, she makes no sound,
The train is insight nearing closer and closer,
But she doesn't budge, she stands like a poster,
The driver can see her so he pulls on the brake,
The trains still speeding along, a miracle it would take,
She's thrown through the air, the lights becomes bright,
She sees gates of heaven, what a relieving sight,
But she forgets about the pain of her family on earth,
They get a knock on the door and born is a curse,
Her mother collapses, her father stands frozen,
Her brothers just cry because of the way she has chosen,
She thinks she care free now, but she still has her scars,
And the wounds are still deep upon everyone's hearts,
So may you be locked in a cell If you chose your own death,
But the keys will be shown if you cherish your breaths!