The Lost Tooth

Finalist in the 'Summertime Fun 2013/2014' competition

One day there lived a doll. Her name was Sophia. She lived in a little cottage by a stream. She had lost all of her teeth except for one. She really, really wanted to lose her last tooth but it just wasn’t wobbly. One day Sophia was playing with her best friend George the elf. They were playing on the swings in her garden. Sophia was swinging so high that she fell off and bumped her tooth so hard it fell out. The wind was blowing and it whooshed her tooth into the garden.
Sophia and George looked everywhere for the tooth. Then a sneaky little bird flew down and grabbed the tooth and took it to the dragon’s castle. The bird gave the shiny, sparkly tooth to the dragon and the dragon put it with his treasures.
Back at the cottage Sophia and George could not find the tooth anywhere.
Sophia said ‘Do you think the dragon might have stolen my tooth?’
George replied ‘Maybe, let’s go have a look.’ And so their adventure began.
So they went in their paddle boat to the other side of the stream. They hopped out of the boat and walked to the castle. They sneaked into the dragon’s huge castle and luckily the dragon was in a deep sleep. Firstly they looked in the dining room for the tooth.
George yelled, ‘Sophia, come quick and look at this!’
Sophia ran to George who was holding an old, dusty brown treasure box.
Together, they crossed their fingers and closed their eyes and on the count of three, they opened the box. One… Two… Three… Inside, they found Sophia’s tooth and all of the dragon’s chocolates and treasures.
Just as they were taking the tooth out of the treasure box, the dragon woke up and said, ‘What are you doing with my treasure box?’
Sophia and George were very frightened by the dragon, but she said, ‘I just want my tooth so I can leave it out for the tooth fairy tonight’
The dragon looked surprised and said ‘Tooth, you say, I thought the bird gave me a precious white gem.’
‘No’, said Sophia, ‘it’s my tooth and I need to give it to the tooth fairy.’
‘I don’t want your tooth,’ said the dragon, ‘I only collect chocolates and gems, I think my pet bird has made a mistake’ laughed the dragon.
Sophia was very happy about getting her tooth back and wasn’t frightened anymore by the dragon. The dragon invited them to stay for a tea party and they all had a fun time. Sophia had found her tooth and a new friend.

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