The Hole

Finalist in the 'Summertime Fun 2013/2014' competition

Cece loved the clouds. Well, she lived on them! She lived in a small town in the clouds called Flufftown.
‘Cece!’ said Cece’s mum, Misty. ‘Go buy some bread’ and Misty handed Cece four cottonballs (The currency in Flufftown). Cece skipped out the door and ran along the clouds. Cece was very excited because tomorrow, her best friend Rubi was arriving back from her holiday in Skyfloat. In fact, Cece was so excited that she forgot about the gap in the clouds and fell straight through! She screamed as she fell through the sky, heading for planet Earth.
An hour later, Misty was getting worried. ‘Cece should be back by now!” she thought. She opened the door and wandered down the street, only pausing to ask people ‘Have you seen Cece?’ and ‘Do you know where Cece is?’ Suddenly, Misty froze- she knew what had happened and she quickly thought of a plan.
Cece was in a very weird place. The ground was firm, unlike the clouds in Flufftown, and Cece could tell that it would definitely hurt to fall over on it. She wandered around a bit, unsure what to do, when she noticed a sign. It said: Welcome to South Australia. ‘I’m in Australia!’ Cece exclaimed.
‘Miss Silky, I’ll need some of your fabrics,’ said Misty. She had gathered everyone in the town to help her save Cece. ‘And Mr Gorde, I’ll need to use some of your rope, and Miss Blaise, you don’t mind if I use one of your baskets, do you?’ Miss Silky, Mr Gorde and Miss Blaise quickly grabbed their supplies, and the whole town got to work to make a hot air balloon.
Misty got into the basket and Mr Gorde lowered her down below the clouds, and the let go. Luckily, the rope was so long that one end of it was still in the clouds, while the other end of the rope was still attached to the basket.
Cece heard a noise behind her, and when she turned around she saw her mother! ‘Mum!’ she exclaimed. ‘Cece!’ cried Misty. Cece jumped into the basket and Mr Gorde pulled them up, while Miss Blaise patched up the hole in the clouds with the leftover fabric.

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