Needing To Know

I couldn't see that kid. Not anywhere. He'd disappeared. I looked for what had seemed like hours. Rushing around in a frantic panic, yelling "Dion?! Where are you? I NEED TO KNOW!"

Several hours had passed I found myself laying on the beach listening to the graceful sounds of the waves crashing on the sand, kids playing and old couples laughing besides one another, hoping I would find Dion again some. I needed to know what could be so important!

The pain and agony of the unknown is what hurts the most. It like, like a colossal void. I felt empty and exhausted.

The he sun was going down, the sky was getting dark and families were starting to leave. The view was breathtaking. Just as I was about to leave a I noticed a large silhouette rushing towards me, "Charlotte! I'm sorry I disappeared." The large silhouette announced as it got closer to me. "I had to go, someone was watching me. It's not safe here, we have to go, come with me." By that time I had realised it was Dion. I willingly left with him. He took my hand and helped me onto his motorbike.

"Where are we?" I asked as we arrived. "It's a safe house," He Replied. "You're in danger Charlotte." He continued. "Many years ago your parents were murdered whilst on a mission for the CIA and you were out under protection. I have been keeping an eye on you for Many years. Your dad was my best mate and I promised him I wouldn't let anything happen to you." "So does--" I interrupted but Dion kept speaking. "When the time came I was to fill you in on everything. You are now 19 and I feel you are ready. I know this is a lot to take in but please stay with me.

You have two options, one come with me and help find the people who are after you, and two you can stay here and I'll fill you in when I can. I'll give you two days to make up your mind." "How will I find you?" I asked when I knew he'd finished speaking. "You won't, I'll find you."