Make A Change

Make a Change

We sit at home lazily, but there’s so much to do
To make this place better, for me and for you
We could stop being greedy, it’s everyone’s flaw
We could shut down the factories, do we need any more?

But still we go on like there is nothing wrong
Have you been to Africa, India, or even Hong Kong?
People are starving; no food and no water
Imagine just standing by if that was your son or daughter

You wouldn’t even notice- too occupied with life
Keep chopping away with your problematic knife
But it’s not over yet, it’s not too late for us
We could make a change, stand up, make a fuss!

It’s high time that humanity actually did something good,
To give back to the world, end global warming, that we could
It’s the right thing to do, you know it, it’s true
So come stand with me, lets start the world anew