Sally The Antarctic Salmon Shark

Deep, deep down in the cool Antarctic waters lived Sally the Salmon Shark. Life was good in Antarctica but Sally felt that no one acknowledged her existence and Sally was lonely.
One day Sally was so sad that her eyes were full of tears and she bumped into a krill.
“Hi” said the krill “my name is Krissy. What is your name?”
“My name is Sally.” Said Sally the Salmon Shark.
“You look really sad, Sally.” Krissy said sympathetically.
Sally cries and says, “I want my Mum.”
Krissy says “But you can’t go near your mother because mother salmon sharks kill their newborn babies. I read it in a book one day.”
“Is that really true?” Asks Sally.
“Yes, it’s sad but true. Any way, why do you want your mother?” Asks Krissy.
“I want my mother because I am lonely, I have no friends.” Moaned Sally.
“Well, I can be your friend and … may be… well, let’s see, I think you have a number of prey, squid, fish, crabs, seals, penguins, stingrays and sharks.” Said Krissy.
“Yes, I think I eat all of those sea creatures. I can’t help it, I get very hungry.” Sally said worriedly.
“I know, I know,” says Krissy “but may be you could decide to have one of these sea creatures as your friend.”
“Well penguins are pretty cute and their babies are so adorable, may be I could make friends with them.” Said Sally excitedly.
“Yes, yes,” Krissy says with enthusiasm, “that would be great; you could save them from predators.” Soon Sally learnt how to save penguins; she would often save them from leopard seals. Soon the penguins became her friend.
Sally and Krissy would play games of chasing. One day Krissy the Krill was playing a game of chasings with Sally, suddenly Krissy was about to get eaten by Brett the bossy blue whale.
“Help, Help!” Cried Krissy.
“Don’t worry I’ll save you!” Shouted Sally the Salmon Shark.
In a flash, the blue whale was pushed away by Sally. She had saved Krissy! Sally was never sad again because she had saved her best friend. She had learnt that it doesn’t matter if no one knows you; it only matters if you are a nice person and care about something (like the penguins) and someone (like Krissy), then you can feel good inside.


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