The dark-haired girl ran. She ran until her legs refused to carry her any further. She cried out as she fell onto the stone path, she sobbed and began to crawl towards the cottage silhouetted in the dusk light ahead of her. ‘I must keep going.’ She thought determinedly, though she did not know how she would be able to get there before… Before what? What had scared her some much she had dropped a basketful of berries and ran screaming in fear.

“Oh! Fae!” The girl looked up at the figure bustling towards her in hurry, “What has happened? Where are the berries?” Fae’s mother kneeled down beside Fae who had now rolled onto her back.
“De-demons…” Fae muttered, suddenly remembering the dark shadows reaching out to her. Calling to her. Beckoning her.
“Hush, Fae. Its okay, they won’t get you.” Her mother whispered to Fae stroking her pale cheek.
“H-how do you know?” Fae muttered closing her eyes, she was exhausted.
“I won’t let them get you.” Fae opened her eyes and looked into her mother’s dark green eyes and nodded.
“I trust you.” Fae smiled a pained smile, and struggled to her feet. Her mother put her arm around Fae’s shoulders and helped her limp back to their cottage.

“…Mother?” Fae called whilst looking out the window, judging by the bright light illuminating the sky it was morning.
“Coming!” Fae’s mother’s voice drifted from down the hallway. Fae closed her eyes and frowned. She could hear two sets of footsteps coming up the hall, ‘That’s strange,’ Fae thought, ‘Mother didn’t say she inviting anyone…’

“Fae, I’d like you to meet Doctor Martinéz.” Fae’s Mother walked into Fae’s lavender painted room and sat on the bed beside her. Fae stared at her mother, ‘I haven’t gone mad!’ Fae struggled to keep the words from babbling out of her mouth. Fae looked at Doctor Martinéz, ‘Rich’ was the first word that came into mind. He was short and solid with black trimmed hair on the sides of his head, he had dark blue eyes, a monocle on his left eye, he had a short black goatie and wore a red and white suit with a red bowtie and shiny black pointed shoes. He looked French.
“Bonjour, Mademoiselle Fae.” The man bowed, ‘Yep, definitely French.’ Fae sighed glancing at her mother who gave her a sharp nod. Fae curtsied tugging her trews to the side, when she looked back up her mother gave her a disapproving look.

“Fae, Doctor Martinéz is going to talk to you for a while.” Fae’s mother smiled sweetly to Doctor Martinéz, Fae gave her a desperate look, which her mother ignored and walked out the door. Fae heard the door lock… From the outside?
Fae felt Goosebumps rise on her skin,
“So Fae, I hear you can see demons?” He snarled, politeness forgotten, eyes flashing crimson, studying Fae as if she were a creature he had never seen before.


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