A Beautiful Girl

There were four loud knocks on the door. I was tired but got up anyway. "Yeah, coming", I groaned turning the coffee maker on. My face went from tired and boring to shocked and suprised. Two men stood before me each wearing a khaki coloured uniform and rifles slung over there shoulders. "C-can I help you?", i stuttered trying to make sense of what was going on. "Get in the truck", one of them replied pointing towards a truck with a tray in the back, it had been caged all up the sides.There were about twenty or more people in the back all whimpering and making gagrling noises trying desperately to fill there lungs with air. I stood there for a second watching in awe. One of the soldiers took his gun off his shoulder and hit me in the ribs with the but of his gun. I yelped and ran towards the truck holding my ribs, ighting off tears. When I eventually climbed into the the back of the truck the two soldiers climbed into the front of the truck and started driving. It felt like weeks but i think it was only days that we travelled stopping very rarely to let people use the bathrooms. We all had no idea where they were taking us and we weren't too sure that we wanted to know. Eventually the truck came to a hault and as per usual the soldiers came around and opened the cage. We all jumped out, the soldiers had been to other peoples houses on the trip and collected more people. About 15. I collapsed on the ground feeling sick and lay on the cool soil and stretched my joints. I didnt know was to come, and again i wasnt too sure that i wanted to know. A woman tried escaping, the soldiers caught her and dragged her off somewhere. I had thought about doing the dame but was too scared of what the consequences might have been. They took us to a large room I sat next to a young girl, she only looked about thirteen. She was quite pretty with long brunette hair and big,dark eyes. She looked at me and burst into tears. "I want my mum", she muttered and nuzzled into my lap. I smiled and tried soothing her by stroking her hair and humming soft songs. The soldiers came around, this time there were five of them, they peeled her off me and slapped both of us across the cheek, my cheeks stung and i could feel in tingling. They moved into the next group and as one of them moved i caught sught of a patch of light coming through a crack in a door. A door! I thought to myself excitingly. A door means escape. I tapped the young girl and pointed towards it. I pressed my lips uip to her ear and spoke in quick whispers,"I'm not sticking around this place and im going to try and leave out there soon. You wanna come?" She smiled and nodded slowly. he door was getting closer. I edged closer to it and so did the young girl until finally i ripped it open and tore out and down the road, the young girl followed me. Bullets fired at my heels and i felt sure that i was going be hit but it wasnt me it was the young girl. The soldiers stopped following but it didn't matter they couldnt get me anyway. I carried the young girl into a nearby barn. she slept for eternity.


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