A Battle Between The Sea And Sky

Ocean waves lapped against the side of the boat as streaks of sunlight glistened through the water. Clouds dotted the sky like patches of piped whipped cream. I leaned against the boat in pleasure. My hand trailed through the cool water, producing ripples on the surface. Moist salty air filled my nostrils and I drifted off into a light sleep.

The sky darkened abruptly, as if someone had dimmed the light. I leapt up from the floor and groggily ran over to lower the sail. The wind whistled a menacing tune that added an eerie feel to my surroundings. Cold wind blew against my face, seeking the warmth of my coat. I shivered and snuggled down deeper into my cosy jacket.

Ominous clouds covered the sky like an inky black blanket. The raging storm began all too soon and I was unprepared. Thunderous waves crashed against the little wooden boat, attempting to capsize the compact craft. Clouds roared overhead, shattering into tiny droplets of milky rain.

Within a few minutes, the once beautiful day had turned into a dark and unforgiving night. Vivid streaks of lightning set the sky ablaze. A sharp crack of thunder erupted from the sky, bellowing at me like I had done something wrong. I shrank back in terror but the sea lashed out at me and water tumbled over the sides of the boat. I flinched at the touch of the icy water on my feet. I wished I wasn’t here, shivering on my tiny boat. It was a tremendous battle between the sea and sky. A fight I was stuck in the middle of, with no escape.

I hurriedly hauled water out of the boat with a plastic red bucket but the water leaked back in again. I was a robot, repeating the same task over and over. My battery was dying and I needed to rest but the storm wouldn’t let me. I fumbled feebly, searching for the hole but couldn’t fight against the water gushing in. The sea suddenly reared up at the sky, trying to swallow it up. I was frozen to the spot, unable to move with fear. I knew I needed to, but it felt too late. The sky sized up the sea by letting out another bellow of thunder. I was going to die out here, along with my beautiful boat.

The craft creaked in protest with the weight of tonnes of water. Panic flooded through my body but I still stood there motionless. My limbs were dead weights. More lightening broke through the sky but my mind was in a different world. I couldn’t accept what was happening.

It was then I spied a heavenly glow of light: a break in this wretched storm. I knelt on the boat in relief. Somehow the boat managed to reach the sunlight. My skin soaked in its glorious warmth. It felt like a miracle. The sun had won the battle between the sea and sky.


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