I never completely understood why you left,
But little did you know, you committed a theft,
You stole the love and care that I needed,
All because you were that selfish and conceited.
You never realized what this would do to me,
It made me so fragile and now I break so easily.
You left me when I needed you most,
But yet you always seem to somehow boast,
On how you were always with us throughout our lives,
To all your newly wedded wives.
You pushed me aside,
Took away all of my pride,
And now you just don't even care.
You can't even bring yourself to spare,
One day, or even an hour,
Because you've become so bitter and sour.
You will never fully understand,
The pain and suffering I've had to withstand,
To live with this rage, that makes me so mad,
I guess this is what it's like to live with no dad.

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