A Birds Task

Once upon a time in a park far away from the Sydney city, in a luscious green tree lived Charlie and his family of colourful pigeons. Charlie was an only pigeon and was very adventurous as most little pigeons are. His mum was busy cleaning the house all day, every day. This was because if she didn’t she would be taken away to anther country. It was that time when she forgot to clean her house for a week and infected all her friends and others. Charlie’s father was…well….kind of lost in his own world caused by the television. So Charlie would go for a fly all around the city just like an airplane and would even try to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge without using his wings. After flying around the city he would ask his parents to play with him but unfortunately they were too busy and said NO! Charlie would go to sleep and think about why they were busy and why they said NO!
One day when Charlie went out for his usual fly when suddenly he bumped into a huge Albatross. “Arh, who are you!” cried Charlie with fright. “Sorry about bumping into you, I was looking for you,” apologized the Albatross. “Now come with me and I’ll show how you can make your family happier.” “Oh…um…ok, I do need a bit of help,” murmured Charlie. “Right lets go, follow me,” yelled out the albatross. So Charlie and the Albatross whooshed off. They flew over blocks of land; they flew over towns and cities, until they reached a dump yard. For 2 weeks the wonderful Albatross taught young Charlie how to make a better family.
On Sunday Charlie and the Albatross flew back to Charlie’s house. Guess what, Charlie took away all his Mum’s cleaning stuff and took away his Dad’s television just like a vacuum cleaner. He gave them back every second day. So they lived happily ever after, playing with their son all day long.


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