Finalist in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

Piano leans against the wall
Wood and ivory standing tall
A cowskin rug adorns the floor
Black and white before the door
Not a thought is given them as sunrise follows night
But what is now an ornament was once a wretched sight
Living creatures torn from home, their bodies stained and red
Because of greed that mankind spawned their helpless blood is shed
Shining monsters crawl towards the trees with gnashing teeth
The animals are fleeing over hillock, stone and heath
The monsters fell the trees which for so long have shaded life
Peaceful beings torn apart by avarice and strife
Oblivion is king of those who watch the suffering
The realisation, one day, will deliver them a sting.
So do not cast this thought away with disregard and haste
For life has been destroyed and it can never be replaced.

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