Nanna Ward's Diary

Your beautiful blue cover
Taped up at the spine
Keeps your yellowing pages inside
Once empty
But getting fuller and fuller
As Nanna got on in her days
Now you are thick
Thick with memories of her everyday
Your notes started by Nanna
But as she aged
Her ability to write was taken away
Though her mind and memories could not be
Her notes were completed by her grand-daughters hands…
My Mum
Locked safely in a chest
Where no-one can hurt you
Mum and I hold you dear
A piece of Nanna always here
Precious as a gem to my Mother and I
You are my only piece of Nanna Ward
If we had to part I would be distraught
You fill me with sadness at the thought
I never met my Nanna Ward
But I got you… a wish granted of Nanna’s
Once my Mum’s I will never let you disappear
A legacy to pass on through generations to come
You were Nanna’s
Then Mum’s
Now You Are Ours.

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