A Battlefield Adventure

Squadron 324's objective was simple, get in, get the paperwork and get out. What we didn't know was that the whole mission would go south as soon as we would got in there. I was the first to go in i was told by my Squadron leader that i was to infiltrate the compound and find the paperwork, i got in to the compound and found the paperwork but what i didn't know is that i was being watched by the compound security and as soon as i got to the paperwork all the alarms in the compound sounded which meant that in about 2 minuets all the guards in this area would be surrounding my current location, i radioed my Squadron leader, no response i radioed again, still no response. I was now alone on this mission i had to make it out of the compound with the paperwork. As i figured out what i was going to do i heard footsteps out side the door so i acted accordingly, i climbed up the vent that i got into the compound through and made my way to the guard tower where i had a good view of the whole compound, i saw what could only be a couple of tanks around the entrance of the compound this was turning out to become something of a mission impossible film, there was no way i could get out of this alive. I tried radioing for support from HQ but nothing i think they have some sort of EMP up that is blocking communications to any outside source. Just as i was about to leave the tower i felt something go through my chest and shortly after i heard a loud crack as i was falling to the ground i realised what it was, there was a sniper up on one hills outside of the compound. The bullet tore through my chest and even if my Squadron could get to me in time i would be dead so i lied there in a pool of blood wishing that this mission hadn't have gone down this way.


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