A Brief Snapshot

As I looked outside, into the cold wintry snow,
The snowstorm whirling with a bang and a blow,
Children laughing and dancing around,
I looked, without making a sound.
Snowballs flying, snowmen being built,
And all I was filled with was guilt,
Guilt from the past,
For not having a blast.
Instead staying inside reading a book,
To scared to leave my little nook.
People said I was quiet and good,
But I thought I was scared and misunderstood
Watching other children run and hit,
I just wish I could go back to it,
That brief snapshot of childhood,
I would have said, be brave, go in the neighbourhood.
I glanced at the window pane,
Separating me from the white rain,
And reminding me of that brief snapshot,
The one where I was not.


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