it's week 4 of high school and it's terrible. My friends have already changed! i have gone from being in a really big and great group of friends to just having 4 people i can talk to. All because of Jessica... She, was the one who decided to hang out with all the older people. The people who aren't the best people to talk to. They swear and talk about the wrong stuff. But Jessica took everyone with her. So i was left with Kathrine, George and Louise. But one night Jessica decided she would go over to casey's house. Now they weren't the only two there. Kyle and James were going to stay over with them. After watching "The Notebook" kyle said "hey, we should play with a weegie board." Most of them agreed except James. When it came to spiritual activity he was out of there. So as James got nice and comfy in the kitchen they began. They were half way through when Casey asked "Who are you here for?" The glass ball moved over the letters: J E S S. Everyone stopped and looked at Jessica. "I don't understand, whats happening guys? is this a joke?" She rang her Mum and went home. 3 weeks later Jess wasn't at school. People started worrying, but when Casey went to see Jess, she wasn't there. Her parents said they found her in her room with a star on her wrist. made out of blood and she was dead......



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