Sirens that scream, “Danger!” are pounding in our ears.
Sadly, not just the lives of brave soldiers will suffice.
These uniforms are the only thing that set us apart,
Is it really worth all the bloodshed and sacrifice?
Cold hostility has made the target clear,
Dark figures of our own buried under the debris,
Blood spreading over the torn up terrain,
This is all for nothing, is it really that hard to see?
Shrill shrieks drowning in the uproarious shelling.
Hearts and minds shall not know peace any longer,
As sights like this, will forever cease to exist within us.
Perhaps things like this occur to make us stronger?
This warfare brings nothing but destruction,
War is a political dispute, causing the blameless to grieve.
All this is pointless; there will be no benefit.
What’s the true point of war, what does it achieve?