Halloween Party Gone Bad

*Ring!* ”Joanna, time for breakfast!, shouted Mrs Barlow from the kitchen. You’re going to be late for school.” ”Coming mum“, replied Joanna rushing to her closet and quickly putting on her school uniform.”Mum I want to fit in with the year 7 girls, so can I throw a Halloween party, just with a few girls.” “Ok Joanna, as long as you don’t mess up the house because I’m working late, and make sure it’s just a few girls! Now hurry up and go to school.”, replied Joanna’s mum.”Cool a Halloween party!”, Joanna’s little brother shouted with excitement. “Joe this party isn’t for 9 year olds, you’re not invited.”, Joanna said. “I’ll get my revenge Joanna, “whispered Joe nastily.

“Hey John wait up”, Joanna muttered.”Joanna what’s up?”, John replied. ”I’ve got a great way for us to become popular in New Town High School! We’ll throw a Halloween Party, tomorrow! I already organised it.”, Joanna suggested.””Does your mum let you,” replied John uncertainly. Joanna nodded. “Ok then.”, agreed John. “Meet me tomorrow after school and we can get started.”

*BOOM*. Joanna heard a noise coming from the basement. No one was home, Joe was sleeping at Joanna’s grandma’s house, and her mum had a late shift at work. *BOOM*. The sound continued. Joanna slowly stepped on the cold, hard ground, scared to go downstairs but had no choice but to see what was making the noise. The floorboards creaked under her bare feet .Finally she came to her senses and realised it was just the family cat. She sighed with relief, and went back upstairs.

“Joanna, are you ready! Everyone is soon to arrive!.” ,said John excitedly.
“Of course I am it’s the biggest moment of our lives. Snacks are ready, drinks are ready.” Joanna danced. At home Joe asked politely, “Can I come down?”.Joanna replied with laughter, ”This party is for teens only, not for baby children”. Ding Dong.”There here“, they all said in union. “This party is great”, shouted Josh, over the loud music.”This is amazing!”, Joanna agreed. *BOOM*.

Suddenly, all the people at the party were screaming! They saw a tall man, dressed in a black cape, with it sweeping the ground as he walked. “Who are you”, choked Joanna. “I am none of your business little girl! As he spoke he revealed his pointy fangs. At that moment everyone knew what he was. “You’re... you’re a vampire.”, Joanna trembled. “Vampire Fauntleroy, this is my house, not a party room!”, he replied and laughed. The children all ran back home, shouting with fear. Joanna was left alone in the room with Vampire Fauntleroy, when he spoke, “You my darling are my niece, your parents haven’t told you?”. Joanna asked with suspicion, “Told me what?”. Her uncle replied with a smirk, “You’re a vampire too, today’s the day you turn.” She took a long look in the mirror, and felt a piercing pain in her gums. Slowly she felt the fangs growing, and as she looked up, her reflection became no more.


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