Koala In A Gumtree

Excellence Award in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

In the beautiful Australian bush filled with beyond beautiful gum trees lived a koala named Bluey. He lived with his mother, father, 14 brothers and 48 sisters. Bluey was the youngest in the family. One day he said "Why do I have to be last?" Why do I have to be the youngest?" "It's not fair, all my brothers and sisters are so loud and pushy!" Bluey, there's nothing wrong with you, as long as you know you're doing the right thing you will be fine." said his mother. Bluey wasn't so sure, he still felt bossed around, pushed around and never listened to.
The next day while Bluey was sitting in his secret hideout he smelled smoke. He climbed from his hideout to the very top of the gum tree to see if he could spot any fires. Blueys eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped open. There was a fire! Bluey had to warn his family, but how would he be heard, he thought. He climbed down the tree as fast as lightning. He shocked himself at how fast his little furry legs could carry him. He raced to the tree his family called home and clawed his way up to where his family had gathered. How will I get their attention, he thought. He went to his mother to ask for her help. He told her that he had something very important to say. Blueys mother cleared her throat and yelled "QUIET!!" "Bluey has something important to say". "Yeah right" said one of his sisters. "What could Bluey ever have to say that's important" snapped one of his brothers. Bluey didn't listen to them. He knew that what he had to say WAS important. "We have to leave now!" he yelled in his biggest, strongest voice. "There's a fire in the mountains and it's coming our way fast!" Blueys family looked scared, they WERE listening to him now." Everybody get in a line, we need to evacuate to the waterhole. GO GO GO NOW NOW NOW!!" First went his 48 sisters, then his 14 brothers, his mother and his father. Bluey started climbing to the top of the tree. "Where are you going?" shouted his father. "I'll be right behind you, I need to check the fire" Bluey shouted back . He was shocked to see how close the fire was, he rushed down the tree as quick as he could. He could see his family not too far ahead making their way through the crunchy brown leaves lying on the ground, they were almost at the waterhole. "Not much further, just keep going!" yelled Bluey.
After what felt like forever they all reached the safety of the waterhole. "From now on we will all listen to you" his brothers and sisters all said together. Bluey smiled to himself and thought, I might be small but I AM important.