Jack And Jill And Buggies

Jack said “Jill, I’m up the hill to get a pail of water.”
But Jill sighed, “I think he’s lied, I’m going to follow after.”
She heard him yell into the well “Buggies, I’ve got your dinner!”
Down she did follow, into the hollow, the light was getting dimmer.
What Jill saw, on the floor, was Buggies her long, lost guinea-pig.
Jack had been experimenting to make poor Buggies really big.
Buggies was cross, he now was boss, he picked up his bowl like a Frisbee,
He threw it at Jack, it hit his back and made him very dizzy.
Jill thought quick, she got a stick and pulled Jack to safety.
They rolled down the hill, both looking ill, with Buggies playing chasey.
The sun shone bright, with all its might, and shrunk Buggies to the size of a hen.
Jill fixed Jack’s head with lots of lead and he never did science again.


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