The earth shook,
Buildings tumbled to the ground, glass shattered into a million pieces.
A huge explosion shook the air,
A large cloud of smoke, dust and pumice rocketed into the sky.
Screams echoed from near by cities, shrill and terrified.
Thick molten lava oozed down from the mountain,
Everything burned at its deadly touch.
The earth turned dark and smokey,
Ash poured down in huge clumps, burying houses, roads and trees.
At last, the rumbling stopped,
Blue sky poked out from behind the menacing clouds,
The survivors watching from the boats cheered and gasped in relief.
But all was not happy,
The city was destroyed, covered in a thick layer of ash and volcanic substances.
Many lives had been lost that day, children, families of many kinds.
Family members, children left homeless, terrified and mortified.
People left the city,
It lay there, a ghost town, nothing stirred.
Everything was dead,
once in a while birds flew past, none made a home there.

The town was dead, lifeless...



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